Our metal roof tiles rollforming machines are models of superior performance, with a revolutionary manufacturing and industrial model with required patent.

We produce “C” purling for structural profiles (meeting NBR), metal roof tiles (meeting NBR 14513, 14514), lamellar panels and special profiles.

All our designs of forming rolls are designed and validated in the PROFIL software, of german technology, which checks the forming tensions according to the properties of the materials, generating confidence that the rollers will be able to conform the profile according to the desired tolerances.

We know our customer’s expectations and we propose to provide excellent machines, capable of producing profiles with high quality standards. Each of our rollforming machines is rigorously tested inside Esquadros’ company and aproved before being delivered.

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Main characteristics of Esquadros’ metal roof tile rollforming machines:
• Options of eletronic commands;
• High productivity, with reduced ramps of acceleration and deceleration;
• Fast motorized shear of high productivity;
• Shear’s knives made of special steel, heat-treated, cut by EDM (electrical discharge cutting machine);

• Profiles produced according to the brazilian standards NBR 14513 and 14514;
• Rolls coated with hard chrome;
• Full compliance with the NR-12 standard (safety of the risk zone in the operating area);
• Structural design with required patent.