The Esquadros’ rollforming machine for structural profiles has superior performance, high speed and ease operation united to a revolutionary manufacturing and industrial model with required patent.

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Principal specifications:
• Profile produced according to the brazilian standard NBR6355;
• Production of “U” purlin and “C” purlin from 50 mm to 300 mm, with widths from 2,0 mm to 5,0 mm;
• It has a geared system of the castle’s synchronism. Providing a quick setup, 3x shorter than the conventional ones;

• It has a system of flying shear by servomotor that cuts without stops, guaranteeing real speed of up to sixty meters per minute;
• Shear’s knives are made of special steel, heat-treated, cut by EDM (electrical discharge cutting machine), cutting process that do not generate chips;
• Full compliance with the NR-12 standard (safety of the risk zone in the operating area);
• Easy to adjust and operate.