The Esquadros’ slitting lines meet the most diverse needs of the market, in a range of coil’s thickness from 0,30 mm to 6,35 mm, with widths between 600 mm and 1.600 mm, and speeds up to 120 m/min. They can also be equipped with many accessories that increase the easiness of the operation, reduce the setup time and increase de machine’s performance. We can highlight the followings: quick tooling change device, turnstile, automatic packaging lines for strip coils, etc.

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Technical specifications:
• Decoiler for up to 30 ton;
• Thickness from 0,45 mm to 6,35 mm;
• Speeds up to 120 m/min;
• Recoiler for up to 15 tons.

• Cutting tools (knives and separators);
• Quick change tooling device;
• Turnstile;
• Automatic packaging lines of coils.




ModelMaximum widthMinimum thicknessMaximum thicknessSpeedDecoilerRecoiler (optional)
LCL 600.36000,453,2025-6066
LCL 1300.012600,301,002012/150,8
LCL 1600.112600,451,6025-60156/15
LCL 1600.213000,452,6525-60156/15
LCL 1600.216000,452,6525-60156/15
LCL 1600.316000,453,2025-60156/15
LCL 1600.316000,453,2060-12015/3015/30
LCL 1600.516001,204,7660-12015/3015/30
LCL 1600.616002,006,3560-12015/3015/30